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Welcome In Love!

So, this is my fam damily. I am a daughter of the King blessed with an adoring husband who I fell in love with at first sight. After speaking with him for ten minutes my junior year in college, I rushed home to tell my roommate I found the man I’m going to marry. She cackled, rolled her eyes to dangerous levels, and told me I was crazy. A year later I was engaged. And here we are 24 years later with three beautiful children ages 23, 21, and 19, still ‘crazy’ in love.

Empty nest took me by surprise because just the other day I had three kids coloring walls, picking their nose, filling up bug boxes, and building pillow forts. Now the vacant space only echoes the beautiful chaos that once livened rooms and breathed life in the air. Though silence looms, the memories exude a joyful clamor. Well, let’s be real, at least most of them do.

Watching my kids morph into adults continues to teach me more about who I am and the meaning of life than all the formal education inked on my resume. I often muse in rhetorical wonder over what Mr. God was thinking when he put me in charge of three kids. He’s quick to remind me of my capabilities, but sometimes does so while crossing his fingers behind his back. Hmf

The last twenty-three years I’ve run the gamut as a working mom, work-from-home mom, stay-at-home mom, and now empty nest mom. My journey includes profound wonder, humbling failure, painful diversions, and glorious blessings.

Seems like God always knows what’s going on with the state of my heart, which is a template for my demeanor, and, turns out, a measure for the quality of my mothering. Since Hollywood doesn’t give out mothering awards, I just give thanks for my better moments and sweep my ugly seasons under the rug with a broom of repentance. God’s grace heals me from within. Of course, I then beg him to clean up the mess I’ve created in the souls of my kin. Oy vey.

Jesus keeps encouraging me to Carrie Underwood my mothering style, reminding me my children belong to Him. Everything will be fine-o if I just surrender and trust. Although I’m learning to let go of the wheel one white knuckle at a time, some days I still pretty much stink at it. Why? Because mothering is h.a.r.d. And, let’s not forget, the being human thing.

All I know for sure is being a mom is a gift. Timeless, priceless, patternless, and endless. This journey we share as sisters in Christ and mothers by heartstrings allows us to connect in the deep recesses of our souls in ways only a mother can understand.

The busyness of life weighs all of us down and certain ages and stages wreck our confidence and drain self-love from our pores. Our struggles are real and anxieties universal, which is why I created this blog. Sharing stories helps us connect and find solace in knowing we aren’t living alone on a motherhood island. Yes our journeys are unique, but our emotions, dreams, fears, and joys overlap.

When we lean in to one another and wander into our mom hearts, we can allow the intricacies of life to unveil the protective facades covering our authentic self. We layer ourselves beneath false fronts far too often to hide our brokenness, conceal our fears, and bury our insecurities. But, Jesus longs for us to reach upward towards Him and receive the unconditional agape love and unbounded grace which is free for the taking. His Spirit within us makes all of this possible.

I invite you to join me in this space as we wander into our mom hearts and reach upward to Jesus for guidance and understanding. Not sure how you all feel, but I need to find out what’s going on inside me most days! Which is why I look forward to connecting heart-to-heart so we can inspire, encourage, and love one another as we learn more about ourselves and the beautiful role we’ve been given.

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Let’s know love and Be LOVE, sisters.

Shel Spear