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Okay, friends….so, raise your hand if you are a mom who:

Feels overwhelmed, wrestles with mom guilt, or believes you are not enough

Second-guesses decisions and feels like you are alone on an island some days

Pretends to have it all together despite feeling lost, confused, and desperate for help

Longs for better communication and a deeper connection with your kids

Has a hard time letting go and worries about your kid’s future

If any of these scenarios sound like you, then you are just like me! According to the calendar, I’ve been doing this mom gig for 26 years. And for 26 years, I’ve been floundering around trying to make sense of how to parent.

While I’m no expert or guru, I have figured out a few things that work better than others. Practices that have helped me manage the universal struggles of motherhood and feel healthier mentally and emotionally in the process. All of them center around mindfulness. Not mindfulness in the sense of always being calm and present in the now, but intentional actions we can take to better care for ourselves as moms, which in turn helps us foster healthier relationships with our kids.

Because the truth is, none of us enjoy second-guessing all of our mothering decisions or worrying about everything under the sun, and we definitely don’t function well when we allow mom guilt and insecurity to weigh us down. blah.

These 10 practices help change the way you see yourself, your kids, and motherhood in general–leading to personal transformation and a beautiful, more peaceful journey even amidst the tough stuff we deal with:

  • Mindful Self-Care cultivates a healthy mind and heart to help better manage the big emotions around motherhood
  • Mindful Self-Compassion reminds you that being perfectly imperfect is enough, which lessens mom guilt
  • Mindful Letting Go provides freedom from fear, worry, and the need to control
  • Mindful Vulnerability offers peace and encouragement as you realize you aren’t alone in how you feel
  • Mindful Presence bends time in your favor which reduces anxiety and overwhelm
  • Mindful Allowing provides relief from trying to carry the weight of your kid’s world
  • Mindful Observing lessens worry because it gives you a head start on what to expect with your kids down the road
  • Mindful Connection creates an environment where your kids feel safe opening up to you, which eases your fears
  • Mindful Non-reaction reduces stress and frustration, making room for more joy
  • Mindful Mission ensures a wholehearted family experience

I dig deeper into each of these practices in my new online course, Mindful Mothering: 10 Practices for a Healthy Mom Life. Each session includes a video discussion where I explain what these practices look like in my life, along with some colorful stories on how I came to learn the lessons the hard way. (oof!) The sessions also include downloadable worksheets with self-reflection questions to help guide you through how these mindful practices can serve you in your motherhood journey.

The transformation I have experienced as a mom and the collateral beauty of what this evolution has done in my relationships with my kids is profound. I am a much healthier me, which translates into a more connected and enjoyable we.

I want you to experience the same freedom, which is why I created this course. You are not alone in how you feel, momma. It may indeed take a village to raise a child, but I say it takes a village to care for the village. This course is designed to do just that.

If you’d like a little taste about what this course is all about, you can enjoy a FREE SESSION on Mindful Connection when you sign up and get a better feel for what I’ve put together. In this session, I talk all about our implementation of No Consequence Conversations into the family dynamic when all three of our kids were teens. Yep. You read that right. These conversations were real eye-openers and almost killed me emotionally, but paved the way for genuine trust and connection. Take a look here.

Here is what the most recent participant had to say…

Every mom needs this course! Shelby Spear is a wise and deeply compassionate mother with well-worn experience, and she has created an INCREDIBLE resource to help moms through their parenting journey, no matter what age our kids are or what season we are in. Her course will guide you through important steps full of valuable insights and practical advice on parenting and our mental well-being. Shelby has a way of reaching deep into every mom’s heart and revealing all the challenges and struggles we face while raising our kids. She is real, she is vulnerable, and everything she shares in each “Practice” helped me grow into a more mindful mom, a healthier person, and wiser woman, too. We all need encouragement and support because motherhood is HARD. This resource she created is a gift every mother needs to have, now more than ever. I’ve learned so much from her and I know you will too. – Christine Carter

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

love & light, mommas!

A self-described “sappy soul whisperer and sarcasm aficionado,” Shelby is a wife of 27 years & mom of three 20-something kiddos. She has a deep love for Jesus and storytelling, and most days she muses in rhetorical wonder over what God was thinking when He put her in charge of three humans. Although God’s quick to remind her how capable she is, apparently He sometimes does so while crossing His fingers behind His back. You can read her stories around the web and in print at Guideposts.