Dear Younger Me,

Good news is you’re still going to be alive and well at 47, which should come as a definite surprise considering you think people my age fall into the old category. You are clueless and naïve about the aging process, despite your beautiful innocence.

Listen, mini me, I can still move, shake, grind, and toss one back with the best of them – even in my limited capacity. Never mind how I may feel the day after pretending I’m half my age. Pain, discomfort, and hangovers are relative. Not to mention, badges of aging honor.

I’m here to share with you ten important things I’d like your twenty something self to know, which is a mere microcosm of wisdom you need to absorb. Consider these tips the most important, and build off each one to further your journey into the real world.

Join me over at Red Tricycle to read my advice to self….

A self-described “sappy soul whisperer and sarcasm aficionado,” Shelby is a wife of 25 years, mom of three 20-something kiddos. She has a deep love for Jesus and storytelling, and most days she muses in rhetorical wonder over what God was thinking when He put her in charge of three humans. Although God’s quick to remind her how capable she is, apparently He sometimes does so while crossing His fingers behind His back. You can read her stories around the web and in print at Guideposts.