Meet My Two Favorite Writing Coaches

So I love to write. Not just on my blog, but for outside publications, mom sites, and even in daily journals. Writing stirs my soul. And I’m guessing since you clicked through to this post, you share a similar passion.

For decades, becoming a writer was just a dream. I dabbled here and there, but didn’t know how to make the leap from wishful thinking to reality. Can you relate?

Year after year I’d say to myself, “I know God’s calling me to share my story, but I don’t have a clue how to start.”  And year after year, God affirmed His calling and challenged me to begin the process. Finally, in 2015, I listened to His whispers and decided to jump all in to an opportunity that flashed in my inbox from distinguished Christian author, speaker, and Bible teacher,Margaret Feinberg

The email was an invitation to a 3-day writer’s course called Writers Bootcamp (now Write Brilliant), taught by both Margaret and acclaimed Christian author and speaker, Jonathan Merritt. Before any doubt had a chance to creep into my thoughts, I signed up and booked a flight to Atlanta. Those three days I spent immersed in the instruction of Margaret and Jonathan changed my world. I left the weekend confident and determined to work hard towards living out God’s call to write on a full-time basis.  And every bit of the success I’ve experienced since starting this blog and pitching articles to outside publications is a direct result of Write Brilliant and the incredible lessons these two coaches (and now friends) shared with me.

Now it’s your turn to take the leap. And I have a gift for you today to help you embrace your passion for writing and tell the story within you.

Margaret and Jonathan developed a 3-Part FREE mini-course designed to help you jumpstart your writing and I asked if I could share it with you.

In the first video, they cover:

  • The 3 Limiting Beliefs that are paralyzing your writing. Learn how to set to yourself free with their powerful approach.

  • The 3 Inner-Critics every successful writer battles. They want you to recognize these, and more important, know exactly how to defeat them.

  • The single most powerful key to overcome perfectionism. Print out these magic words and tape them to the wall where you write.

If you want your words to transform lives, then you NEED this.  NOW is the time to start living your dream and answering the call!

Click here to gain access to the free mini-course.

Praying you forward!




P.S. I am a PROUD affiliate partner of Write Brilliant