Understanding Our Mom Heart


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Thank you for stopping by to join in on the 31 day conversation aimed towards understanding the emotional wellspring within our mom heart.

I don’t know about any of you, but my heart was ill-prepared for the miracle of motherhood. Of course the loving on my kids part was easy and came natural.

But what I found along the journey was how little I knew myself, how much I lacked in the self-love department, and how strong a grip insecurity had on my daily parenting decisions.

The best way to describe my experience, both in relation to my spouse and my children, is

I didn’t know who I was as a part of someone else. 

The murky waters of self-awareness made navigating the ages and stages of mothering (and marriage) difficult. As moms, we don’t know how we are going to act, react, make decisions about anything until life happens. And when our world buzz saws on its axis, a given in child rearing, finding time to understand our inner world seems impossible.

For me, as mothering consumed my days, the questions, fears, concerns ruminating in my mind far outnumbered any answers.

Being a mom is a tough gig; albeit rewarding beyond measure. I’m grateful to say, after twenty-three years of marriage and twenty-two of parenting, my understanding of who I am breathes deeper.

Christ awakened me to beautiful truths and freed me from debilitating lies about my true self. He unveiled layers around my mom heart with gentleness and Grace. And He continues to enlighten by reminding me

the depth of our being, the essence of who we are at the core of our heart in relation to our children and others, is an evolving transformation of awareness. The closer our relationship with Jesus, the more we understand ourselves and the world around us.

The best gift He gave me was a profound knowledge of who I am as a part of Him – which reiterates in perfect harmony who I am as a wife and mother.

And I’m hoping as we gather this month as sisters in Christ connected by  heartstrings, we will learn more of the amazing ways God instructs, guides, and carries us through our ministry of motherhood.

Every day between now and October 31st, I will share a short (you’re welcome) reflection, story, prayer, or similar piece on the topic of understanding our mom heart. My prayer is for all of us to gain greater insight into the ebb and flow of our motherhood emotions, with God as our guide.

A link taking you to each day’s reflection will appear on this main page each morning.

Thank you for coming along for the ride. Please know I will be praying for everyone along the way. A blessing is guaranteed where two or more are gathered.

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Real Psalms for Real Moms | 31 Days

When it comes to mothering we can’t avoid experiencing all the feels. But we can cry out to God for help and comfort, and praise and worship Him for our blessings. The Psalms help us do this because the poems, songs, and prayers are a barometer for our heart.

Emotional Eating vs. Spiritual Snacking

According to Jesus’ proposed Sermon on the Mount, my hunger pangs and emotional thirst often seek relief from the wrong food group. Turns out a spiritual feast wins the best recipe for satisfying the soul.

Setting Our Tired Mom Heart to Low Power Mode

Our hearts beat to the cadence of our children’s breathing patterns, utilizing our energy without our awareness. Perhaps the undercurrent explains the invigorating and draining nature of motherhood.

Mommy, You Look Disgusting And I’m Sorry About That

When my daughter was six years old, she told me I looked disgusting. The interesting thing about her delivery, however, resided in the aftermath. She landed the punch but then followed the slam with a generous ice pack of remorse, “and I’m sorry about that.” Jesus doesn’t need to say, “and I’m sorry about that” after shining a mirror on our weaknesses and failures. He raises the bar a notch by telling us, “and I’ll love you anyway”; grace and mercy.

Learn the Unforced Rhythms of Grace

God’s love for us beats to a veracious drum. If we trust in His guidance, believe His promises, surrender to His will our journey will ebb and flow on a river of Love.

Kids Can Bring Out THE DONALD In Us…as in the duck

Being told we are persecuting Jesus when we lose it as a parent is a whack upside the head. Which explains why I continue to pray to do the things I know I should do but still do the things I shouldn’t; concussions. I’ve endured many head traumas over the years from the skull whacking. And I’m hopeful Jesus takes my memory malady into consideration on judgement day.

waiting on God hurts

Waiting On God Can Slay Our Mom Heart

We are the ones who tarry in our decision to trust, willingness to believe, ability to feel gratitude. But though we tarry in these areas, we wait. By God’s grace, over time our mom hearts will conquer all that is out of balance.

Is The Proverbs 31 Woman Really Real? Really?

(Day 20 of 31 Days to Understanding Our Mom Heart) I have a girlfriend who recoils like a cobra ready to strike the moment she sees or hears anything related to Proverbs 31. If you aren’t familiar, think God’s job description for the perfect wife and mother which seems unattainable…

The Importance of Self-Love in Mothering – Beatitudes for Parents

“You are blessed when you are content with who you are – nothing more and nothing less. That’s when you find yourself the proud owner of everything that can’t be bought.” Matthew 5:5 (MSG)

Why Emotional Losses Mean Motherhood Gain – Beatitudes for Parents

“You’re blessed when you feel you have lost what is most dear to you. Only then can you be embraced by the One most dear to you.” Matthew 5:4 (MSG)

To the Mom at the End of Her Rope – Beatitudes for Parents

According to God’s memo, the real reason my offspring survived my parenting over the past two decades has little to do with second-hand blessings. But rather with the less of me means more of God promise of the scripture.

We Learn As We Go

Not a single person, book, documentary, or Divine premonition can prepare us for how we are going to feel as a mother along the journey.

Why Am I Crying?

Forget the pounds we put on, I’m convinced tear ducts divide and multiply during the nine months of pregnancy. We can blame temperamental hormones and unbalanced body chemistry for our crying brigades early on in mothering. But what about three, six, eleven, twenty years into the mom gig?

Treasures In Our Mom Heart

Jesus spoke indelible words of wisdom in His Sermon on the Mount. The words of His second Beatitude capture the essence of a mom’s love for her children in a profound way.

Living Into the Answers

As simple children we learn our way into the flesh by trusting, hoping and believing all that we are taught by observing the example of our surroundings. As complex adults we try to learn our way out of the flesh by trusting, hoping and believing all that we are promised by our loving Father…sight unseen.

The War Within Our Mom Heart

I’ve come to believe our emotions bubble up from two potential reservoirs: a well of love or a cistern of fear. And a constant mental war between the two streams of consciousness takes place.

Who Am I As a Mom in Christ?

My determination to hide my brokenness from others kept me from knowing the real me as well. Which meant I had no chance of knowing who I was as a mother.

The Power and Drain of Emotional Multitasking

(Day 4 of 31 Days to Understanding Our Mom Heart) Becoming a mom unleashes a supernova in our soul. I’m convinced our ability to feel magnifies to the nth degree. When we are responsible for a living being fused to our emotional intellect, feelings show up like stars in a…

The Heart of My Family

(Day 3 of 31 Days to Understanding Our Mom Heart) Yesterday we talked about love and gravity. How the emotion overwhelms and takes us by surprise. We also contemplated the powerful connection between mother and child being a mere microcosm of God’s vast, ethereal love for us.

Love Is An Anchor

(Day 2 of 31 Days to Understanding Our Mom Heart) Becoming a mother upends us emotionally. Any idea of what love means prior to having a child undergoes a radical shift when mom adorns our letterhead. The invisible nature of loving a child bears a tangible heaviness. Our chest often…

Show Me The Way, Lord

David tells us God prescribed the right way to live. As moms and wives, a blueprint for navigating the family path is at our disposal. Too many times I forget to remember to follow God’s plan. But, as I’ve “aged” (a little…ok, a lot) I’ve come to appreciate the freedom of allowing God to guide my steps.






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