Okay, so, balance.

If we’re talking about fitness, I’m all about the challenge of non-wobbly poses. Core strength is one of my current infatuations when it comes to overall physical health. I can hold a tree pose and a Warrior III like a semi-pro.

But what about steadiness when it refers to the balancing act of motherhood?

We’ve all heard the rhetoric about maintaining a healthy balance in relation to how we spend our time. Important people with smart degrees convey the essential benefits of a proportionate pie chart when piecing off kid time, me time, date night, girl’s night, etc.

While I’m not important and my degree is in accounting, as a mom with 24 years of experience, I can tell you that the best cut pie in theory never panned out well in my reality. Life’s way too unpredictable for measured success.

Not that trying to achieve the above-mentioned balance isn’t a valiant endeavor. Sometimes we do get lucky. But what about when we don’t?

The photo above is of my 23-year-old son and 21-year-old daughter. What strikes me about the photo isn’t the impressive balancing by both my kids. Nor is it the beauty of the water and surroundings. What got me thinking is what it took mentally for my kids to do this pose together.

Two-person yoga asanas are about trust and surrender. They depict service towards other. So, my son is serving his sister as a balance partner, promising to stand strong for her to lean on. The same is true for my daughter serving her brother. Together they lean into one another, trusting in the security each will provide, while surrendering the need to personally control the outcome.

What if this type of balance, a willingness to trust God with our everything and surrender our need to control, have all the answers, fix things, change things, etc. is the real tipping point for keeping balance in motherhood?

What if a perfect blend of spiritual trust and surrender is the best cocktail for getting us through our most trying, stressful, wonky times? (not that I’m throwing wine under the bus)

So, for example, imagine date night falls through because baby gets projectile vomiting. Maybe spiritual balance looks like trusting God for our child’s health and surrendering to the moment by bonding with the hubs while caring for the baby instead of sharing dinner and a movie.

Or girl’s night implodes for the third month in a row. This time because junior’s soccer team achieved the most improbable comeback of the century and now has a playoff game. Maybe spiritual balance looks like trusting and surrendering to a bigger and better plan of celebrating a huge victory and experiencing ‘sisterhood’ with all the other soccer moms instead of ROTFL with our bffs.

Having expectations will always keep us out of balance because the percentage of met expectations is none percent most cases First, because we rarely speak expectations with our actual mouths. We think them and then expect the world to read our minds. Second, because life’s fickle at best. We don’t get what we want just because we want it. (Phew)

We can be mad, stress eat boxes of Thin Mints, and/or weep under the covers when life blows up, but rolling with things seems to be the best way to stay positive and find a healthy balance. In truth, I’ve been bad am bad at this over the years. Trust and surrender can be the hardest thing in the world depending on what life throws our way—especially when our kid’s livelihood is involved. But we always have a choice to pursue this type of spiritual balance and apply it to all aspects of our existence. Life can’t take away the mindset if we commit to following through.

I’ve come to learn that an attitude of God’s got this is our best defense to wayward days, failed plans, unmet expectations, unexpected crises. Turns out God is important and doesn’t even need a degree. We can lean on the creator of everything 24/7, and we’ll be met with a wall of perpetual strength. We can trust in this 100% and surrender our need to take things into our own hands. This way God can do what God does while we get out of the way–a practice good in both theory and reality.

Getting back to the yoga pose my kids displayed being an act of service, I think we’ve got that down as moms. Loving service is our thing. But, Jesus is all about service too. Let’s do our best to let Jesus serve us. For it is in giving (trust and surrender) that we receive (hope and love).

Strike a pose, crazy Mommas!




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