Welcome In Love!

So, this is my fam damily! We just took a trip to Spain and apparently I lost my sunglasses for this picture. The guy next to me crushed my heart at first sight. After a ten-minute chit-chat with him my junior year in college, I rushed home to tell my best friend I found the man I’m going to marry. She cackled, rolled her eyes to dangerous levels, and told me I was crazy. Twelve months later he proposed. And here we are, 26 years later, still ‘crazy’ in love.

Life is much quieter these days as my mom heart adjusts to an empty home. God dropped three apples from my mom tree in the first 3 1/2 years of our marriage, and somehow they’ve all grown up already, having left the orchard in pursuit of their dreams.

My empty nest gives me lots of time to ponder what the mom thing has done to me meant over the past 25 years. Thatsalata pondering for one person, which is why I created this space.

So, what does Jesus say about parenting? Probably what Paul says about love:

“Never gives up.
Cares more for others than self.
Doesn’t fly off the handle.
Trusts God always.
Always looks for the best.
Never looks back,
But keeps going to the end.” 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 (MSG)

Sure we know how to love as a mom, but what about the “never gives up, doesn’t fly off the handle, trusts God always” disclaimers? Do you think the fine print says we can add ish to these sentiments when things are really tough–days when the best we can offer is steadfastish, calmish, faithfulish?

Well, all I can say is some days close enough is mothering gold for me. I love wide, long, high, and deep…but sometimes loud, cranky, and emotionally wonky as well. How about you?

Motherhood is a gift. Timeless, priceless, patternless, and endless. This journey we share as sisters in Christ and mothers by heartstrings allows us to connect in the deep recesses of our souls in ways only a mother can understand. Our struggles are real and anxieties universal, which is why I created this space. Leaning into one another and sharing stories helps us connect and find solace in knowing we aren’t alone on a motherhood island. Though our journeys are unique, our dreams, fears, joys, and sorrows overlap.


Besides this homefront, you’ll find my writing out and about on the internet frontier at places like  Her View From Home, Mother.ly, For Every Mom, Thrive Global, HuffPost, Sammiches & Psyche Meds, If you are a fan of Guideposts, I’ve had a couple stories printed there as well in the July 2017 issue, The Inspiring Tattoo Connection,  the February 2018 issue, “Goodbye, Kahrin.” and a coming soon in the January 2019 issue.

My new book with Lisa Leshaw, How Are You Feeling, Momma? (You don’t need to say, “I’m fine.”) just hit the shelves. Check it out and grab a copy on Amazon HERE

I invite you to join me as we wander into our mom hearts in search of our true self and reach upward to Jesus for guidance and understanding. Here we will celebrate and mourn, laugh til we cry and cry til we laugh. My role is to help you to feel loved and accepted for who you are, precisely where you’re at. And from that launching point, I’ll pray you forward.

So, join the family by clicking here and let’s inhale and exhale God’s grace together as we learn more about who we are as women, wives, mothers along the journey He sets before us. We can inspire, encourage, and love one another forward through the beautiful role we’ve been given. When you sign up here you’ll receive a 3 FREE chapters of the new book.

Looking forward to your friendship as we swap stories of motherhood and how LOVE guides us through. Please feel free to reach out. You can contact me here.

Let’s know love and #BeLOVE, sisters.