Love To Hear From You

Thank you! If you are on this page it means we’re not related or friends…which means you might actually be interested in what I have to say. Or, maybe you have something to say about something I said. Either way, I look forward to hearing from you.

Get in Touch

Feel free to email me at  I promise to take the time to read your message; pinky swear. Life is scrappy and unexpected seasons sometimes blow in out of nowhere, so I ask for patience if my response is more snail-like than you hope. I am grateful to hear from you.


Where are a few odds and ends about you?

All things chocolate melt my heart. Music stirs me like no other, crying fulfills me, and a love of sports keeps my competitive streak alive. The only thing I adore more than Jesus and family are books and a comfy pair of jeans, most notably the stretchy kind. Denim defines me in a bluesy kind of way. I’m not famous or rich, and Oprah never wrote me back. The rejection consumed me for a bit, but I’m over it.

Why do you end your posts with “(      ) on, crazy Mommas”?

Because the very first post I signed off ended with Shine on, crazy Mommas and I liked the vibe. Decided to keep it rolling and cater each goodbye to the message within the article.

Who are your greatest influences as far as tone and style?

@BethMooreLPM and @MaxLucado tied for top of the list. And a bird friend told me a little @JenHatmaker

What is the greatest lesson your children have taught you?