Speaking Events

where two or more are gathered... LOVE abounds

My number one goal with any speaking engagement is for the experience to be down to earth. A let’s just share our hearts over a cup of something warm kind of vibe. Casual and engaging, honest and practical, vulnerable and compassionate CONNECTION.

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Past Speaking Events:

October 13, 2019 – February 2, 2020
TESTED & PROVEN WORTHY (11-week workshop)
How Trials and Everyday Life Help You Unmask, Heal, and Free Your Authentic Self
Methodist Church, Chardon, Ohio


I loved the study and the fact it gave me things to talk about and work through with my therapist. Still a work-in-process, but getting better. Thank you for having this!


I felt like the study was very rich and thought-provoking. I enjoyed that Shelby was in the Word and referenced so many Bible verses. She definitely asked us to stretch out of our comfort zone.


The presentation was warm, open, personal, honest, and at times still raw. Shelby drew me in to be honest about my own journey and particularly when doing the timeline. I truly recognized the people God placed in my life to teach and support me. Hindsight shows us God is always present, lesson learned. I need to continue to rely on God. He is patient with us, and we should be patient with ourselves and others too. Sharing helped us to be aware that we are more alike than not. We can support each other on the journey of life because no one should ever feel alone.


I am worthy, I am valued, and I am loved. Shelby, through her own life experiences and honesty, made a space that I felt safe to share my own thoughts with women living life just like me. We all seek to be loved and we all feel we fall short, but Shelby reminded me that being perfectly imperfect is all we have to be. I loved this opportunity to reflect, discuss, and share together with other women of faith.


Let God love you, the easiest and hardest thing to do; to just sit on His lap and stay with Him as He loves you. Thank you, Shelby, for this reminder of the love of the Father. How we grew up and how we are treated by our earthly parents cannot possibly compare to God’s faithfulness and unconditional love.


It made me realize that I am not alone and that everyone goes through problems in life.  It reminded me that God does have a way of making things better. It may not be in our time, but He is always faithful, and all things will work together for His purpose. Letting things go is OK because they are in God’s hand and He will gladly take care of us, no matter what.


I appreciate how Shelby was so open with her story and journey. She made me feel comfortable sharing and reflecting on my own experiences from day one.  I also loved the connections formed with other women, how we affirmed each other, listened, and lifted each other up.


Taking the time to write out the timeline of my life allowed me to recognize how God was present in every event of my life.  The people on my journey and the way obstacles became blessings were a true testament to the presence of God in all circumstances…a real reminder of the need to find the blessings in every situation.


Honest and real, Shelby shares through her own vulnerability, how she has come to know her value and worth in Christ. As women, we struggle and become our own worst critics wanting to be perfect and enough for everyone. Shelby, through humor, gentleness, sincerity, and faithfulness led us on a journey toward authenticity all while deepening our relationship with Christ. This workshop is a must for women who are ready to discover their true value and worth.


Shelby has an innate ability to make her life experiences relatable. Through the discussions, you learn as much about yourself as you do her. The workshop challenges you to unpack your worth and shows you how to find your identity in Christ. I highly recommend this workshop to any woman at any age!


Shelby modeled the ability to be real and authentic when facing hard things together. I had suppressed deep feelings of being alone down for a long time and finally, I felt safe unpeeling the layers with my Sisters. I know Christ’s unconditional love through uplifting others and them uplifting me. The study was a mutual giving that was eye-opening, allowed me to grow on so many levels, and reminded me of the need to love myself and others more. We all are tested, and we are all worthy of His love.