finding Grace in the mishmash

I'm Here to Love and Pray You Forward

Here’s the thing. A whole lot of mishmash gets in the way of authentic living. The mom gig defies order. Life blows order up. Twenty-five years of marriage and 24 yrs of parenting has taught me this much. Our struggles are real and anxieties universal, which is why I created this space. Somewhere for you to feel safe throwing off the pretense and embracing the real. The real real. Like all of it. The broken, bad, and beautiful.

Because here’s the other thing. Authenticity heals, and I want you to feel loved and accepted for who you are, precisely where you’re at. And leaning into each other and sharing stories helps us realize we aren’t alone on a motherhood island. Love is the invisible string keeping all of us connected. Let’s #BeLOVE together.

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“Shelby writes the words of every momma’s heart. She is wise and wonderful and her words bring unity and joy.” ~ Jami Amerine, friend and author of Stolen Jesus: An Unconventional Search for the Real Savior and Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors

“Shelby renews your spirit and rejuvenates your soul, making you want to look deeply to discover your inner beauty & find your best voice.” ~ Lisa Leshaw, friend and author at Guideposts & Chicken Soup for the Soul

No one tells you how you are going to feel when...

How could anyone prepare you for this metamorphosis of purpose, responsibility, and cavernous insight into all things motherhood? No one outside you is able. The phenomenon is your experience, your moment to breathe in the miracle and compare your inner compass with God’s wonder.