When you have three kids in a span of 42 months, a lot of chaos crams into the space of everyday living. My boy, boy, and girl munchkins in that order were eight, six, and four when I lost my mind on an otherwise normal day in March of 2002. In a span of seconds, I fell from the end of my rope into the deep end of the motherhood pool.

My cherubs decided this day to have a group whine session, much different from wine sessions adults partake in. Whining isn’t fun for anyone involved but serves the purpose of black-out inebriation in other ways.

“I’m bored,” bemoaned son one. Followed by, “So am I,” from son two and, “Me too, Mommy,” from girl.

The classic, throwback kid complaint.

A mature choice for responding was to ignore the drama and send my kids on their way with a suggestion to use their imagination and find new uses for their toys. But on this day my measured mothering etiquette lay dormant. I’m guessing PMS was in full force or I was in the middle of a week flying solo while hubby worked out of town.

Instead of paying attention to the warning signals my body sent out, muscle twitches and eye ticks, I chose to engage with my kids complaining.

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How Losing My Mind Turned Out to Be the Best Spring Cleaning Ever

Meltdowns can be bliss, crazy Mommas!


Shelby is a Christian mom to three beautiful knuckleheads who have left her with an empty nest in which to ponder what the mom thing has (done to her) meant over the past twenty-three years. She invites readers to join her on the journey to find Grace in the mishmash of motherhood–one revelation, screw-up, gaffe, and joy at a time. Shelby is currently working on her first book.